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The photographs available for free on this website are quarter resolution versions of the originals, and include un-obtrusive watermarks with email address where full resolution originals can be obtained for a fee. Or more directly, refer to the “Support Fitness and Grace Photo” solicitation at the bottom of the following Fitness and Grace CX Photos Home Page link,

Fitness and Grace CX Photos

Note these free quarter resolution images are still much better quality than we would be able to provide via Social Media Apps.

Viewing and Copying the Gallery Photos

The photographs are viewed by clicking or taping on any image in a gallery to activate the carousel slideshow viewer, and then it is possible to step either forward or backward through the gallery by clicking or tapping on the carousel viewer navigation arrows (i.e., gallery order is race order). On a Smart Phone, the navigation arrows may not be visible, but it is possible to step forward through the gallery by tapping the gallery images.

To view full size image, set web browser to full-screen mode, scroll to the bottom of the carousel viewer, and click or tap on the “View full size” link to access the full resolution available for the displayed image (typically quarter resolution). Note the browser will initially size the image to fit the screen, so it may be necessary to click or double tap the image to view full resolution. Any photograph can then be copied by selecting “copy” from the “right click” menu (on a PC). Another option available from the “right click” menu is “properties”, and this includes: (i) the file name that is needed to order Full Resolution Original photographs; and (ii) the photograph time stamp (i.e., handy to determine time gaps between riders).

To close the carousel viewer, click or tap the “X” in the upper left hand corner or anywhere in the black bars on the left or right sides of the displayed image.

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