Wild Rockies Race Team Handbook

The purpose of these pages is to enable WR Team Members to take advantage of the website interactive features and protect the Intellectual Property rights of their photographs (assuming that team mates do not give away the full resolution original photographs they are enabled to download).

WR Race Team fundamental principle is to foster interest in off-road bicycle racing, and then develop this interest further than you thought was possible. One approach to cultivating interest is to provide website forum for all team members to interact that is free of advertisements, collection and selling of user data, unwanted “rationalization” of your IP (e.g., resolution down-scaling, cropping, re-compression at high lossee compression ratios of photos and images), and loss of IP exclusivity rights.

WR Race Team desires to keep as much of the website as possible open to the general public (to attract new team members), but the interactive features require Log in to Post, Comment, view restricted content.

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