Wild Rockies Race Team Login Privileges

Much of the website can be seen by the general public, but Log in is required to Post, Comment and view restricted content (e.g., User Details pages and full resolution photo galleries).

Upon login from the Home page, you will be returned to the Home page. The Administrative functions menu can be accessed by clicking on your Logged in Display Name (on the Home page), and this provides access to various administrative functions including: editing user Profile (except user ID), writing Posts, viewing and adding to the Media Library. By clicking on the “Wild Rockies Race Team” home icon in the Administrative Toolbar, you will be taken to the Wild Rockies Race Team Home page. Upon logging in from other Comment Log in “Buttons” on the website (i.e., to comment on either Posts or Pages), you will be returned to that Post or Page.

One feature that can be enabled in the user Profile is the “Toolbar”. Check the “Show toolbar when viewing site” box, and the Administrative Toolbar will be displayed atop all pages. This allows direct toggling to the Administrative functions menu or Log off from every page.

Note the user Profile does not include a provision for a profile image. Rather, WR Race Team web site looks for your Avatar at Gravatar.com based on your WR Race Team user Profile email address. This has the nice feature of enabling the use of the same Avatar / profile image at the multitude of web sites that support Gravatars. If you do not have a Gravatar Avatar that matches your login Profile email address, then the default “Mystery Man” Avatar will be displayed instead.

All WR Race Team members have “Author” role and capabilities. This role allows each team member to author Posts and immediately post them without moderation by any editorial oversight. Comment moderation has also been turned off to enable real time interaction. Please do not abuse these capabilities, as site administration does not want to be put in the position of deleting inappropriate posts, nor comments, and restricting privileges, as Posts and Comments are visible to the general public.

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