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Another resource that is available from the Administrative functions menu is the Media Library. This is where you upload media, typically photos or images, for inclusion in Posts and Galleries. Please do not use the Media Library for bulk storage of your photo library; only upload media that you include in Posts or Galleries to be shared with team mates. Please view all upload candidates on >15″ LCD monitor with image “zoom” = 100%, and select only images with good focus, faces not obscured by shadow, subjects large enough to be recognizable. It is rare to capture more than a few good photographs in any outing, and this is much more preferable than a large amount of crap.

There are options to include Title, Caption, Description and etcetera, but this does not need to be included when uploading media, and can always be added later. However, you will want to do this before including photos or images in Posts or Galleries. When creating a Post with the Post Editor, you will notice the Add Media button. This allows you to select media from the Media Library to include in your Post, or upload media to the Media Library, which will then be included in your Post. Several images size options are available, and the medium image size will nicely fill most of the width of your Post.

Note the default Title is the Photo or Image filename. The default photo filenames stored on digital camera flash cards vary by manufacturer, but typically, they are something like “IMG_0001” or “DSC_0001”. It is recommended to keep these original photo filenames, and to use these for the Titles, as this will make it easier to recollect in the future. The other recommendation is to use the Caption to provide brief description of the Photo or Image, as this is the only thing displayed in the Posts or Galleries.

The Media Library displays thumbnails or list of all of the included media, and this could make it difficult to find what you are searching for as the content grows. The order of the media files in the library is reverse chronological based on the upload date-time. There is a month-year filter to help narrow the search to a more manageable size.

You may have noticed that it is possible to download the full resolution source file for images included in Posts simply by clicking on the image, even though the Post displays only the medium sized image. This may not be what you intend. Hence, it is recommended that for images included in Posts, two source files be uploaded, “IMG_0001” and “IMG_0001_WM”, where IMG_0001 is the original full resolution photo from the camera, and IMG_0001_WM is 1/2 x 1/2 resolution downscaled version with a “Water Mark”. The IMG_0001_WM version is included in the Post, and the IMG_0001 is included in the corresponding Full Resolution Gallery for your team mates.

I know this creates some extra work, but it does protect your IP. The image resolution downscaling step is easily accomplished with any image processing software. The Water Mark step is then done by adding a text “layer” to the resolution downscaled image, typically white text with ~30pt font size and ~50% opacity, “flattening” the layers, and Save As “…_WM”. Typical Water Mark text reads, “Full Resolution Original Photo Available: email address”. This is easily accomplished with Photoshop (very expensive), Photoshop Elements (~$50) or GIMP 2 (free).

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