Wild Rockies Race Team Post and Comment Capabilities

To create a post, go to the Administrative Dashboard, and click on Post, New Post. This will bring-up the Post Editor. Please enter a brief descriptive title in the Title window, preferably containing only text characters, and select a Category for your Post. If additional Categories are desired, simply send email request to site administrator (i.e., reply to login credential email, or other email from site administrator). Enter your Post into the Body section of the Post Editor, and press the Publish button when complete. It is not necessary to make any other selections or entries into any of the other fields, as the defaults are sufficient until you become more experienced.

When any of the Posts pages menu categories are selected, a listing of Post titles, Featured Images and Post excerpts for that category are displayed. To see the whole Post and any associated Comments, click on the “Continue reading” link or the Post title.

Advanced Posting Features

It is possible to include “media” in a Post by clicking the “Add Media” button in the Post Editor. This will bring up the Media Library from which you can select photos, images and other media. Before doing this, click the enter button to place the cursor at the beginning of a blank line in your Post. The Media Library is described in more detail on the Media Library page.

You may have noticed that the Home page includes the Titles and Featured Images for several featured Posts, typically recent race recaps. To place a Post Title on the Home page, simply select the “featured” tag in the Tags window that is located below the Categories window in the Post Editor. Note that Editorial oversight may be applied to which Posts are featured on the Home page. To add a Featured Image to a Post click the “Set Featured Image” link in the Featured Image window that is located below the Tags Window.

The default excerpt is the first 55 words of the Post, sans paragraph formatting. You may enter a user provided excerpt in the Post Editor Excerpt window below the Body section window. Note the Excerpt box must be checked in the Screen Options tab at the top of the Post Editor to enable this feature.


Comment entry is more strait forward. It is possible to comment on Pages, Posts or Comments made by others. Simply click on the Reply / Respond button following a Page, Post or Comment, Log in, and a Comment Window will appear. Enter your comment, then click on the Submit button.

Proper English Please

A first principal to consider when Posting and Commenting is that WR Race Team is striving to attract and retain new off-road bicycle racing enthusiasts and sponsors. Most of WR Race Team web site including all Posts and Comments is viewable by the general public, and it is one of our key tools to meet our attraction and retention goal. Hence, it is requested that proper English be utilized in your Posts and Comments, as an individual’s version of social media shorthand / slang is not as universally understandable nor appreciated.

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