Wild Rockies Race Team Principles

Team Focus: Off-road cycling event participation and racer development

  • Cross country mountain bike events including XC, STXC, XC Ultra Endurance, XC ~100 Milers (e.g., Leadville 100, High Cascades 100), XC 8-24 Hour Marathon (including team endurance), Fat Bike
  • Gravity mountain bike events including, Down Hill, Super D, Enduro, Dual Slalom
  • Off-road multi-sport such as XTERRA triathlon
  • Cyclocross bike events including CX races and “Gravel Grinders”
  • Targeting events located primarily in Southwest, Central and South Idaho, but also including Nationals

Team Purposes:

  • To motivate existing team members to participate, improve, represent team and sponsors
  • To attract new team members, and to retain and attract sponsors
  • To find fun in the camaraderie of training and competition
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Resource to Motivate Participation