Nice view from the back of the pack…


Author: Andy Kemp

Published: March 30, 2015

This a testimony to the benefits of racing from a guy who is only on the podium when nobody else shows up. Worse still, I’m a 57 year old geezer who did his first race just a few years ago.

My purpose is to encourage all the newcomers to “just do it!”. Forget the “I’m not good enough”, “haven’t done it before”, “might finish last”, “just not a racer” thoughts. It really is fun in a weird kind of way and the company and stories afterwards are entertaining and supportive. And no, you will not be rammed off the course by some aggro rider. Most people are pretty polite.

The start is the most aggressive part of the race. Initially, start at the back with minimal expectations, and you will soon learn where to move up in the start order.

There are 3 main reasons why I race:

  • to put myself out of my comfort zone and learn new things which benefit my overall riding experience (regular rides are so much more pleasant when you’re fit and your technique is better!)
  • to improve over prior races – it’s all about me and how well I handle the course not whether I’m in the top 3
  • to travel to beautiful places, camp and have fun with teammates and friends

I could add more but who needs that?!

Good luck out there! Do it!

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