WR Race Team at Red Cliffs June 1, 2015

Team Photo at Red Cliffs


Author: Fritz Stafford

Published: June 4, 2015

The Wild Rockies Race Team assembled on Monday June 1, 2015, for a team photo session at the junction of Lower Hulls Gulch trail and Red Cliffs trail. The photographic crew of Michele Swan and Fritz Stafford found, as expected, that a group of middle aged adults follow instructions no better than middle school students.

The big challenge was to capture two good photographs, the first representing our new sponsor aftersportswear.com with their banner and the female team members wearing aftersportswear.com skirts, and the second photograph sans skirts and banner. This is when it also became clear that a group of middle aged adults have an attention span that is no longer than a group of middle school students.

You can judge the quality of these photos, as I am overly critical. The original aftersportswear.com photo, IMG_7778 is underexposed and the fill flash failed to fire because the camera exposure system was fooled by the big white banner in the center of the subject. I attempted to correct for the background underexposure with Photoshop “Levels” adjustment layer in the IMG_7778_Levels version, but the lack of fill flash cannot be corrected.

WR Race Team at Red Cliffs June 1, 2015
WR Race Team at Red Cliffs June 1, 2015
WR Race Team representing aftersportswear.com
Wild Rockies Race Team representing aftersportswear.com
WR Race Team representing aftersportswear.com at Red Cliffs
WR Race Team representing aftersportswear.com at Red Cliffs June 1, 2015

WR Race Team Members depicted above from left to right: Kirsten Wallace, Darren Lightfield, Weston Wheat, Sara Lloyd, Don Reiman, Bill Salter, Jed Clawson, Fritz Stafford, Andy Kemp, Gary Kyle, Mike Wieser, and Sharon Sell.

We will try another Team photo after the next kit order arrives, perhaps up on the “Around the Mountain” trail at Bogus, or the “Rock Sculpture” section of the “Broken Horn” trail at Avimor. I hope we can get more of the Team to show up.

The photographs included in this article were taken by Michele Swan or Fritz Stafford. To see / copy the full resolution available in these “quarter resolution” images, click or tap the images to bring-up the attachment page, click or tap on the image magnifier located between the image title / filename and the image, and then right click on the image to copy (on a PC). Instructions to purchase the full resolution photos are available at Fitness and Grace Photo.

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