WR Represented at the Austin Rattler


Congratulations to Wild Rockies Race Team Member Don Reiman for taking 8th place out of eleven in the M60-69 100K solo race. Don’s time of 6:06:56 is somewhat behind the M60-69 winning time of 4:45:35, but I believe this qualifies Don for the Leadville Trail 100 MtB (i.e., 100 miles). The overall first place finishing time was a blazing 3:47:09.

Don’s comments:

The Austin Rattler 100 was a great event with a rough course. The elevation gain ended up only being about 3500 feet. But the roughness of the course and tight single track through the trees required being on the pedals all the time. No chance to relax physically or mentally.

I had a good ride physically but several challenges mechanically. Branch stuck in the rear cassette and derailleur, leaking back tire that I ended up having to put a tube in on the last lap. Both bottle cages vibrated loose at different times, and a dropped chain from hitting a big dip hard. Figure the challenges cost me about 20 minutes on time which dropped me from somewhere 3rd to 5th down to 8th in my age bracket.

It is a great event with a fun and challenging course. I recommend it to anyone interested in endurance events. BEST NEWS! I was drawn in the post-race lottery and got a ticket to the 2016 Leadville 100 MTB.



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