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Why join a Cycling Team?

  • To get better, realize potential: fitter and faster; improve skill / technique; ride more technical features
  • Racing provides the best feedback of performance level / progress
  • Wild Rockies Race Team is home to both elite racers and age group competitors of all levels, but our emphasis is to attract and develop entry / average level racers (click the “Team” main menu item for more on Team Principles)

Support Bicycle Racing

 USA Cycling Logo

Click the above USA Cycling Logo link to purchase annual “All Inclusive” license for $70 (i.e., Mountain, Road, Cyclocross and Track). Even if you race rarely, help assure fair races are available for all categories with consistent, professional officiating.

Cyclo-Cross: have fun developing off-road cycling skills in relatively safe environment

You may not have realized that you are interested in Cyclo-Cross, but if you are interested in off-road cycling, there is no better way to develop your off-road cycling skills. Cyclo-Cross is a Fall sport with free weekly training sessions that begin in mid-September. Now is the time to get psyched for ‘Cross, and the Fitness and Grace CX Photos link below has free photos and posts from recent Boise region CX events to pique your interest.

 Fitness and Grace Photo logo Fitness and Grace CX Photos

WR Race Team Store is Open for 2016

Go to Team Store page

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