2016 Tamarack Twister

The resurrected Tamarack Twister brought XC MtB racing back to Tamarack, Donnelly Idaho, July 9, 2016. The Twister course utilized some trail segments that had been used in previous Tamarack XC races, but the course layout was new. The course begins with the shorter "Enduro Loop" followed by the longer "Forests and Meadow Loop". Both loops start with the same "Bunny Hill" climb … Continue reading 2016 Tamarack Twister

20th Annual Barking Spider Bash

The weather was perfect for the inaugural off-road bicycle race of the Boise region 2016 season, sunny, little wind, low 60F at race start. There had been adequate spring moisture, but the course had been softened by a combination of BLM excavations to improve drainage and an OHV event the preceding weekend. The result was lap time increase of ~7-10% for most riders. … Continue reading 20th Annual Barking Spider Bash

South Idaho CX – Sandy Point 1 and 2

The weather was too nice to be called "crossy". The venue at Sandy Point State Park lived up to it's name, "sandy", and the undulations and mature trees enabled the course architect to lay out a course with plenty of climbing, tight turns, off-camber turns, roots and acorns, leaf fall to decrease traction and hide roots and holes. The Fall colors were beautiful, and a good time was had by all. … Continue reading South Idaho CX – Sandy Point 1 and 2

Cyclo-cross Skills – Taking the Barriers in Stride

Barriers or Hurdles are a common feature in Cyclo-cross races, and they require several skills to negotiate efficiently: dismounting; steering and breaking while dismounting; carrying the bike; hurdling while carrying the bike; remounting. In some cases for the most skilled racers, it is possible to jump the barriers while mounted on the bike, and this always pleases the crowd … Continue reading Cyclo-cross Skills – Taking the Barriers in Stride

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