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 Dave at Jackson Moab

I grew up in N.J. riding Schwinn sting rays. My dad was a banker in NYC and thankfully we moved to Seattle where I raced BMX in High school. My family is unique in that we are all Multi Sport pioneers. My sisters both raced pro triathlon in the 80’s – so I had to follow suit . Our Idea of a family vacation was to qualify for Ironman and go to Kona for the World Championships! I was mostly a downhill ski racer in college at the University of Maine and did not start racing Mtn. bikes professionally ‘until’ 1987. I have also done a 4 year stint as a Pro Off-Road Triathlete and adventure racer.

My real passion is to help people understand the importance of fitness and nutrition as a lifetime ambition – not just a fleeting phase. I am a personal trainer and consult everyone from Beginners to Pro athletes on the importance of proper bike fit, equipment and nutrition.

Career Highlights

  • 83 Professional Wins in a career spanning almost 3 decades
  • 17X Idaho State Pro Champion
  • Mountain Bike Pioneer article Link http://archives.mtexpress.com/index2.php?var_Year=2012&var_Month=07&var_Day=04
  • Sun Valley All-Mountain Champion(2012)
  • Short Track and Enduro Champion (2012-13)
  • 2010 State Champion Hari-Kari, STXC
  • 2009 XC Marathon State Champion Idaho
  • 2007-10 State Champion Idaho XC
  • 1998 XTERRA Europe Champion

 Dave wearing big sunglasses

 PaperArtist of Dave wearing big sunglasses

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